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Our Menu

A tantalising menu offering a wide selection of freshly prepared seafood, premium quality meats and the best of local Gold Coast produce


  • Warm marinated chicken & roasted pumpkin set on a seasonal salad

  • Cos lettuce, bacon, parmesan cheese & egg with homemade caesar dressing. Served with toasted garlic bread. With chicken: $23.90

  • Porterhouse steak slithers with stir fried vegetables, coriander, cashews & garden salad

  • Grilled chicken marinated with pesto & tossed in a seasonal salad with feta dressing




  • CHICKEN/BEEF $29.90

    Cooked in a hot pan with onions, capsicums & fresh herbs. Served on sizzle platter with rice, black beans, sour cream & flour tortillas.

  • Baked nachos topped with chilli con carne & cheese. Served with guacamole and sour cream Large: $24.90

  • $21.90

    Flour tortilla filled with chicken, pepperoni, cheese & salsa




  • $3.50

    English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green & Chamomile


  • $12.90

    Served with bacon & maple syrup

  • $6.90

  • $4.90

  • $11.90

    Stack of 3 served with ice-cream, cream & maple syrup

  • $6.90

    Weetbix, Nutrigrain, Coco Pops or Sultana Bran

  • $6.90

    2 eggs on toast (poached, fried or scrambled)

  • $13.90

    Bacon, egg, tomato, cheese, sausage & hash brown in a toasted roll

  • Fresh fruit salad, yoghurt & multi-grain toast.

  • Toasted turkish bread topped with traditional bruschetta mix, avocado, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce then grilled till golden brown

  • Rump steak, fries & fried eggs on toast


  • $18.90

    Toasted turkish bread topped with ham, spinach, poached eggs & hollandaise sauce then grilled till golden brown

  • $18.90

    Rosti set on baby spinach, bruschetta, a poached egg, lightly grilled then topped with hollandaise sauce

  • Bacon, eggs, tomato & toast

  • Bacon, eggs, sausage, tomato, hash brown & toast served with an orange juice & tea or coffee

  • Eggs tossed with fresh vegetables & cheese, grilled till golden brown and served with toast

  • 3 eggs topped with cheese & served with toast

  • Served on toast with gravy. A good old fashioned favourite

  • Smoked salmon tossed with scrambled eggs & served with low carb toast


  • $9.90

  • Served with toasted garlic bread

  • BLT


    Served with fries

  • Club style sandwich with grilled seasoned chicken, cheese, avocado, tomato, cranberry sauce, egg, crispy bacon & mayo. Served with fries

  • $16.90

    Ham, cheese & tomato. Served with fries & salad. Multi-grain bread with chicken, bacon, cheese & avocado. Served with fries & salad

  • $12.90

    Bowl of fries topped with chilli con carne & cheese curds.

  • 6PC $10.90 12PC $18.90

    Served with blue cheese dressing.

Focaccias & Wraps

  • Chicken, grilled vegetables, avocado & feta cheese on a lightly toasted focaccia. Served with garden salad

  • Grilled halloumi & feta cheese with grilled vegetables in a toasted wrap. Served with garden salad

  • Smoked salmon, capers, bell peppers, spanish onion, cream cheese & avocado between Turkish bread. Served with garden salad


  • $15.90

    Beer battered fish, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cheese & tartare sauce on a toasted roll. Served with fries

  • Grilled seasoned chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cheese & aioli on a toasted roll. Served with fries

  • Grilled steak, lettuce, tomato, onion, beetroot & cheese. Served with fries.

  • $18.90

    Homemade beef pattie, lettuce, tomato, beetroot, pineapple, onion, cheese, egg & bacon on a toasted roll. Served with fries.


  • Rump steak with pepper, mushroom or diane sauce. Served on a sizzle platter with fries & salad

  • $34.90

    Porterhouse steak topped with Diane sauce. Served on a sizzle platter with fries & salad

  • $23.90

    Served with pepper sauce, fries & salad

  • $15.90

    SERVED WITH GARDEN SALAD, ON INCH THICK BREAD & GF OPTION AVAILABLE * Ham, cheese & pineapple * Tuna, cheese & avocado * Chicken, cheese, avocado & mango chutney * Banana, cheese & bacon.


  • $26.90

    Crumbed prawns, scallops, seasoned calamari & beer battered fish. Served with fries, salad & tartare sauce

  • Lightly crumbed seasoned calamari on a bed of homemade Greek salad

  • Lightly seasoned fillet grilled & served with fries, salad & tartare sauce

  • Served with fries, salad & tartare sauce. Gluten free available

  • Poached salmon set on grilled vegetables, baby spinach, topped with asparagus & drizzled with hollandaise sauce



  • $21.90

    Crumbed chicken breast topped with Napoli sauce, ham & cheese. Served with fries & salad

  • Crumbed chicken breast served with gravy, fries and salad

GF = Gluten Free